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Robert Finkel

Artistic statement
My flag proposal references the current Birmingham city flag design and reassigns significance to some of the existing elements from that original city flag. Considering the diverse applications that a piece of civic design may require, I propose a solution that can be scalable and adaptable based on a variety of mediums.

The red field on the left margin is a foundational element that alludes to Red Mountain’s iron-ore deposits that served as a basis for the city’s industrial origins and early economic growth and success. The three stars represent Birmingham as a center for the following industries within the state of Alabama and the greater Southeast: Finance, Medicine, and the Arts.

The concentric gold lines mimic steel rails and recall Birmingham’s past as a railroad hub for the region. The railroad lines are still an iconic urban element that now inspire renewal downtown through parks, living spaces, and entertainment districts. The gold lines of the flag form the letter “B” for Birmingham and can be horizontally condensed. This allows for the flag design to be more adaptable to various applications and diverse needs. There is also an alternate version of the flag that incorporates fewer gold lines that are intended for smaller scale applications without interfering with legibility.

Applied uses of the design

finkel_flag_rendering_02 finkel_flag_rendering_03 finkel_flag_rendering_01

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