Media Kit

The BHM Flag Project media Kit (zip file) contains the official BHM Flag Project media release (doc), the BHM Flag Project Application Packet (pdf), the BHM Flag Project Education Packet (pdf), the BHM Flag Project banner (jpg), Birmingham’s current flag (jpg) and the Design Week Birmingham logo (pdf and eps).

North American Vexillological Association

To get started, read the North American Vexillological Association’s report on flag design as well as Good Flag, Bad Flag, a short primer on flag design written by Ted Kaye, a member of the organization’s flag-design committee.

99% Invisible

On his excellent radio show/podcast about design, Roman Mars has focused twice on flag design:

  • Episode 6 is about city flags in the U.S. (In 2004, NAVA conducted a survey on the country’s best and worst city flags.)
  • Episode 140 is about “vexillonaires,” which is Ted Kaye’s term for people “who go out into the world and lobby for more beautiful flags.”

TED Talks

In March 2015, Mars gave a TED talk about flag design called Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed.

Flag Redesigns

New Zealand is in the process of redesigning its flag. Portland, Ore., has recently done the same.

Educational Resources

Interested in helping your students, classmates or coworkers enter the Birmingham Flag Project? Download our handy Education Packet (pdf) and then submit online or mail in the Application Packet (pdf).