This concept is one of the three finalists for the BHM Flag Project. For the other two finalists, read “BHM Flag Project announces finalists in flag competition.” Public voting will be open October 1-23, 2015. (Vote now!) The winner will be unveiled at the closing event of Design Week Birmingham on Saturday, October 24. For more information about that event and to buy advance tickets, visit BHM FEAST.


Jessi Chambliss

Artistic statement
Keeping in mind the vexillological rule of thumb — “a flag should be so simple, a child could draw it from memory” — I think the Birmingham flag should be a simpler, bolder symbol. Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and forge, has his own statue (not just any statue— the world’s largest cast iron statue) in Birmingham. From atop Red Mountain, he stands as a constant reminder of Birmingham’s rich history and its unique deposits of iron ore, limestone, and coal.

For the design, the shape of Vulcan’s forged spear acts as a vessel for three solid shapes. The shapes symbolize the deposits that together can only be found in Birmingham. Turned at a southwest-northeast angle, the flag shows Red Mountain’s geographical orientation, the spear’s actual positioning on the statue itself, and a positive, upward-moving motion. A more subdued red hue is used as an ode to the red in the existing flag. The bold color signifies power, strength, and valor — three qualities Birmingham certainly exudes.

Applied uses of the design

Jessi_Chambliss_tattoo Jessi_Chambliss_hoodie Jessi_Chambliss_street_signage

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